Lenze P300 PLC communicating with AB7699 Gateway Over EtherCAT

I am working on a project with a Lenze P300 PLC. I am hooking it up to an AB7699 Gateway over EtherCAT. I installed the ESI file to my Lenze PLC. When I scan for the Anybus device it detects it and allows me to add it. But when I go online with the system it says that there is a bus failure and it just stays in Pre-Operational Mode.

I have seen this before with a Schmersal Safety PLC that I hooked up. The issue was that the ESI file was not configured correctly. I am wondering if there are any other files or if you can help me figure out what is keeping the Anybus from going operational.

Have you taken a look at the application notes from this page that go over some examples of getting the EtherCAT side online?

I looked through them.

I see people using the ESI generator. I will be honest though I am not quite sure how to modify the files to make them work like the one guy with the C300.

I can provide a link for the ESI generator if you’d like, I think you should just need to copy in the default ESI file and then modify it to match what you’re trying to do

ESI Genertator

I dont know exactly how to modify it. I have the program already.

If you click the help > view help button it should give some instructions on what each of those buttons in the ESI generator are for

I am still having issues. Is there any way to have a direct call?

Hi @SynerTech,

Did Kyle reach out to you about this issue already?


Hi Tim,
Yes he did. I actually reached out to Nathaniel who had sent in a post asking for help with a Lenze and Anybus.

He sent me his EIS file and it worked for my Lenze PLC too.


Thanks for the update, glad to hear it’s working now!