disable acknowledgement of receipt


I use the VCI 4 API with the.NET library for dialog on the CAN bus.
I would like to disable the acknowledgement of receipt of the channel with the library. When there is no element on the bus, the IXXAT switches to TXPending and error frame mode.
I don’t need an acknowledgement of receipt because I manage it in my software.

Thank you.

Hi @Raphael

I’m going to escalate this to some colleagues in Sweden and see what I can find out for you

Hi Raphael,

Here’s what I heard back from my colleague:

"here are the console demo for VCI V4 C#.
I let the self reception flag false, but the acknowledge error still receive.

The self reception flag mean only, that the own sent message will not put back into the receive queue.
But the error frames must handled extra in the receive part." (30.3 KB)