License Transfer

How to transfer the license to other laptop?
Currently the Profinet Master Simulator is linked to A account, which need to pass to the next person who takes over the job role.

Hi Mark,

When you purchase the license you receive a coupon code. You can then redeem the code to get a license. during the redemption process you enter your personal info (name, email, etc.) The process also create a hardwareID for your PC and associates that to the license. You also have an offline option, With this process you create the hardware ID then enter the info on another PC.

There is a license manager but this only allow you to copy the license off the PC to reinstall the software or reinstall windows. The same hardwareID is needed if you copy the license to another PC it will not work on that second PC and will complain about not matching the hardwareID.

Thanks for the responding.
Does that mean the license can’t be transfer to other PC?
Need to purchase another license for another laptop even just because hardware out of date replacement?

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to move it to another computer. I think it’s intended use is to be able to reinstall it on the original PC if it crashes. I have seen people install it on a VM initially as a work around but I think that may use a different version of the license.

You might be able to talk to customer service and see if they’re willing to give you another license though