Limitied CAN transmission speed on Win10



I use USB-to-CAN (V1) with the VCI 3.5.1 driver on a Win7 machine. My application is based on the VCI C-API.
Everything is working fine.

Now I run the same application on Win10 machine with the VCI 4.0.848 driver. Basicaly the application is running but the CAN transmission speed is limited to 1 message every 100ms. I also tried the VCI driver 4.0.848 but it was the same behavoir (I sent a CAN message every 10ms).
How can I increase the transmission speed?


Max. CAN send messages every 100ms (with Win10)

I use the USB-to-CAN compact (V1) HW and installed the VCI driver 3.5.1 on my Win7 machine. I implemented an application based on VCI C-API.
Everything is working fine.

Now I wanted to run the same application on a Win10 machine. On this machine I installed the VCI driver 4.0.848.
Basicaly the application is running, but the messages will only be transmitted every 100ms (not faster). In my application I send a message every 10ms.
So I tried with the VCI driver 3.5.1, without success.

How can I increase the max. transmit-speed?



Hello Christian,

Sorry for the delay I have forwarded this to some colleagues who are more familiar with the the VCI drivers to check if there was a change in the VCI V3.5 to V4 drivers that could be causing this.


  1. Unfortunately we could not reproduce the problem with the canAnalyser V3 mini.

Could you please let me know if you can reproduce the problem transmitting messages using the canAnalyser V3 mini?

  1. Could you please let me know if your application transmits using the “cyclic object scheduler” or the “canChannelSendMessage”?

  2. Is the “dwTime (time stamp)” parameter of the Transmit Messages set to 0? (otherwise it will use the delay transmission)

  3. Can you reproduce the problem using the VCI3 programming example?

You should also be able to use the following vci V3.5 drivers in windows 10: