Linking 2 different IP address ranges with no internet connection



HI I want to connect 2 different ip address ranges without connecting to the internet. If possible how can this be achieved.



You can setup a NAT 1:1 table and remap the LAN IP to the WAN subnet.
in the com cgf file you will have to change these settings.

FwrdToWAN set to 1
WANitfProt set to 2

After changing these settings you will have to reboot the device.


Hi Zach I had made these changes and have rebooted. How can I test to see if it is working correctly



Try pinging one of the devices with the new WAN IP you set in the NAT 1:1 table.


Zach is Nat 1:1 supported on this device ewon 2005CD




Sadly no, Nat 1:1 is supported in the cosy 131 and flexy. You will have to do port forwarding so your LAN devices can reach your WAN devices.


HI Zach can you please send me description on how to do port forwarding


Hi Zach can you send me a description on how to do port forwarding


This document should be able to help you. The images uses a flexy but it should look the same on your device minus the NAT 1:1 table.
Accessing_Data_from_behind_the_eWON.PDF (880.1 KB)