Load the CAN dbc file in Labview for USB-to-CAN V2 compact interface


I’m using a USB-to-CAN V2. i’ve installed VCI4 Labview addon on Win7. I’m using Labview 2014 SP1. I have found one example named VCIdemo.vi.
Is there a possibility to load the dbc file (vector company) and write dbc signals to USB-to-CAN V2 module?



I’m not sure exactly what you are looking to do here. What is the dbc file? We do have a Lab view add on and sdk info available on the dowloads page here: https://www.ixxat.com/support/file-and-documents-download/drivers



Hello Deryck,

A DBC file is designed by Vector. Many automobile customers are programming the CAN ECU in Vector Canoe Project (http://socialledge.com/sjsu/index.php/DBC_Format). The main interest of DBC is to manage directly user fonction like (SWITCH_CAR_LIGHT=1) instead of writing Hex data. It is oriented to the user.
I’ve already download your addon but i don’t find the answer inside.
Vector and National Instruments Labview XNET driver are using a DBC database editor.
I thought it was the case for IXXAT too…


You will probably need to check with Vector to see if they support our VCI drivers.