Loaded ECarcher in VM and can’t connect to rslinx

I can start and connect to the Cozi in VM but can not see any plc’s or devices in RSLinx with any Ethernet driver.
I can ping the VPN network but cannot ping PLC network 10.25.20.*


I see you created a ticket in are support system a few weeks ago on this but we did not hear back from you. What are you using for a VM and on what operating system is it running?

Have you tried the enabling the broadcastforwarder.
aug-0070-00-en-plc-discovery-through-talk2m.pdf (995.2 KB)

Have you also been able to ping the LAN IP address of the Ewon? If not it may not be set correct on the device and is showing a different address in eCatcher.

Can you create a backup of the Ewon using ebuddy and check the box to include support files? I can look at the device configuration to see if the settings are correct.