Log Basic IDE script changes

Hi all,

is it possible or are changes to the Basic IDE script logged on the Flexy205?
We have a customer request regarding changes to the scripts and whether they are logged in any way.

An example would be that we have implemented a key switch for access via DI1 and a Basic IDE script.
Now the customer wants to know if this is tamper-proof from “our” side and will not be able to “bridge” this access unattended.
If possible, we would like to avoid an admin access for the customer to the Flexy or grant him a “standard user” access to view the logs, etc.

Hi Ralf,

We don’t have a way to log if a script was edited or modified, but you could just make it so that their users won’t have access to these settings. You could just make it so the customer’s user doesn’t have permissions to edit/view these pages

Hi @Tim_hms,

thanks for the info.
Then I will set up a reading access for the customer so that he can have a look at it.

Hi @Ralf

Glad to hear this works for you, did you have any other questions on this or can I close this ticket?