Log message must be entered for each connection - is it possible?

Hi all,

it is possible to make a setting so that a log message must be entered for each eCatcher connection?

If a log is manually added to a current connection, the flag (see marked red in the picture below) can be set.
Can this flag be set globally (across the entire account) for all connections or may a user remove it by themselves?


Hi @Ralf,

Just to make sure are you asking about 2 factor authentication? As an admin you should be able to control who you want to have 2 factor authentication and whether or not you want them to be able to edit their user properties.


Hi @Tim_hms,

unfortunately I didn’t mean the 2 factor authentication.

I meant whether it is possible that when a connection to a device (here Flexy) is established, a log entry must/should be made (following marked with an arrow).

With log I mean in this case the device log as shown in the following picture.

As far as I know the specification of an entry is not mandatory for a connection.

Hi @Ralf,

It doesn’t appear that there’s a way to make the add message button recommended/mandatory currently but I can pass that request along to the developers to see if that’s a feature they can implement in the future.


Hi @Tim_hms,

thanks for the feedback.
Then I hope to get these features soon.