Logging download

Good evening, I am logging data points every 15 minutes but when I download the data for the month I am only seeing data point on the hour. Is there someway I can fix this? This is a regulatory necessity and could put me out of the running for this job.

Thanks Richard

Any ideas? Is this possible to download 15 minute logging a month cycle?


Many things can affect what data is in a download. Downloading from devices historic data view will only download what is shown. I would recommend running an export data report to download all the data. Then from there you can check how the logging is actually occurring. DATA is FIFO for so many points then it is converted to aggregated/average data. They might be only able to store 1 hour worth of data if logging a lot.

Thank you for your response. That is what I was expecting. Back when I first started using Netbiters I looked into a lot of costs and think I remember that there was an option to buy extra data. Do you know if that is still a thing or if it would even help? I will contact my distributer and see what they say.

Thanks again, Richard

Yes, I would check with your distributor, but if they can’t help you, please reach out to us-sales@hms-networks.com.