Looking for EDS Anybus-CC Ethernet IP V1.5

Hello community,

I have a PLC program that I need to work with “Anybus-CC EtherNet/IP 2-Port Revision 1.5”, tried with many of the EDS that are in the webpage but I am unable to find the correct one.

Is there any way to find it? Thank you

In what device did the Anybus-CC come embedded in?

Having issues finding the model of the device because I am not physically in the site and the PLC program also does not say that

The problem is that these cards are programmed by the machine builder for their application. They often have a customized EDS file. If you are trying to set up a Class 1 connection, you also need the input and output size.

If you can give me the serial number, I can get you the default EDS file for the device, but I would strongly recommend contacting the machine builder.

I will try to contact the machine builder as recommended
And yes I get a serial 0xA0542203

It looks like this is most likely an Atlas Copco device, so you should contact them.

Here is the product page with the EDS files: Anybus Files and Documentation