Lost connection to Flexy

Second try. I forgot the attachment in my first message.
I just installed a new Flexy 201 with WAN card. It worked fine for a couple of days but I keep having issues with it losing connection to Talk2M. When I go and look at the activity light is blinking rapidly. I have seen this before with another Flexy 201. The Flexy is connected to a Sierra Wireless cellular modem. When I bring the Flexy to my desk and power it up it works fine. Is it possible that the 24vdc power supply I am using is too small. The one in the control panel is a 50W while the one on my desk is a 120W. I don’t see any other difference between the two locations. I have attached a backup with support files. Thanks MOVED TO STAFF NOTE (173.5 KB)

What do you mean the device is loosing connection is it just going offline briefly or is it for a period of time.
Is the device connected to the sierra wireless modem in your office too?

I don’t think the power supply would be the issue that is more then enough for the flexy. Taking a look at the logs it shows DNS lookups and is reverting to static IPs stored on it. This points towards an issue with the DNS server. Try running the internet wizard again and check the box to set the DNS server and use a static one such as googles. .


It goes offline and stays until I bring it to my desk. I am using another Sierra Wireless modem at my desk. I will take a look at the DNS.

It could possibly be an issue with the modem on location. Possibly it doen’t have its dns setting setup correctly.