Lua and NT 420

I had this unit powered off for a few days.
Would there be a reason why I had to reload the Lua script I had on to get it to work again?

No, the loaded LUA Script remains active as long you do not change the configuration.

Can you reproduce the problem?

yes, it appears now that every time I power cycle, I have to reload the Lua Script

Could you please let me know the following information?:

  1. Which version of the firmware is running on the CAN@net NT 420?

  2. Which version of the configuration tool is used?

  3. Which version of the VCI driver is installed on the PC with the configtool?

  4. Which operating system is installed on the PC with the configtool?

  5. Could you please send me a photo of the label on the CAN@net NT 420?

  1. V6.00.01
  2. V6.0.0.1846
  3. V4.1.73.0
  4. Win10 Pro 64-bit
  5. See attached

We are unable to reproduce this. What is the LED status when this happens?

Can you reproduce it with the hello_world.lua example?
(that flashes the USER LED red-green)
c:\Users\Public\Documents\HMS\Ixxat CAN-Gateway Configurator\Examples\Lua\examples\hello_world.lua

The product manager would like to get:
- the configuration file,
- the Log-File (“Target | Read and erase LOG file”) and
- the used Lua Script.

Hi Lars,

I wasn’t sure if you saw this response: