M2web api request from wrong device

I use the following api call, but gets data from more than one device!
How is that possible?


I think I found the problem. Needed to use “ewonId” instead of “id”, I guess.

Now I have a new problem. I’m only getting data from 13 of 15 tags.
Logging is turned on for all of the tags the same way.

Any suggestions?

Can you send a back up with support files?

Have those values changed at all?

here it is

I do see a lot of login errors on the event logs and real time logs. It looks like every time you are trying to send information out on the tags, there is an issue with it logging into the server.

Also, i would remove the code from the cyclic section as well.

I moved the code from the cyclic to init.
What do I do about the login errors?

As for the login errors, double check the URL to ensure that it contains the correct credentials for the account. It could be an incorrect user name or password.

The data is available over the api, but only 13 0f the 15 defined tags for some reason.

Did you restore a back up on this unit? If so, can you re run the VPN wizard?

I am seeing alot of M2Web Login Failures occuring within the event logs. As for the missing data, tags are missing from the list? If you do an export block descriptor straight from the device, do all the tag values show in the document?

Can’t remember. That’s possible but would have been over a year ago.
Device is at customer an hour away , unless I can do the VPN wizard remotely…
But that sounds like high chance of failure.

Any more ideas to why this is not working properly?

If you can do an export of the files with an Export Block Descriptor, i can verify if there are any missing tags from the actual unit export.

It could be there are log in issues from the back up that was restored on to the unit.

Has there been any update on this issue?

Which EBD command do you want me to use to best verify if tags are missing?

So this is weird.
Using the API now gives me all 15 tags !
What changed ?

They did some work on the servers. It could be a fix for another customer that resolved your issue as well.