M2Web API t2mdeveloperid error

I am trying to make an M2Web API Export Block Descriptor request. I am using the following request syntax as shown on the website: https://m2web.talk2m.com/t2mapi/get/MyeWON/rcgi.bin/ParamForm?AST_Param=$dtHL$ftT$et_0$st_m1&t2maccount=MyAccount&t2musername=MyName&t2mpassword=MyPassword&t2mdeveloperid=MyDeveloperID&t2mdeviceusername=MyeWONUser&t2mdevicepassword=MyeWONPassword

I do have a developer ID (which I got after submitting the online form), but I am getting the following response: {“message”:“Missing argument [t2mdeveloperid]”,“code”:400,“success”:false}

Any ideas? I have also tried using another t2mdeveloperid but got the same response. Thanks.

Are you using a POST or a GET request?


To close out this topic, we spoke on the phone and you were able to get data though postman.

@deryck_hms, What was the fix for this? I too am trying to create a GET string for a stateless web request, and like @jb9 I get the same response: {“message”:“Missing argument [t2mdeveloperid]”,“code”:400,“success”:false}

My constructed URL contains my t2mdeveloperid, and it works when logging in to get a sessionid for making statefull requests.


copying the nearly identical link from the working C# API demo also fails with response {“message”:“Internal error [Session does not exists]”,“code”:500,“success”:false}

According to the API documentation

Any M2Web request can be turned into a stateless request by adding the following parameters
in the query string:

I figured this out. Of course, I am using my default web browser for testing. I also use my default web browser for other things (posting in the forums, reading the news, etc) and most importantly: connecting to m2web and manually connecting to my flexys! That sets a cookie. My stupid (but smarter than me) web browser dutifully sends that cookie along with my manually constructed GET string. This is why using Postman or just a different web browser works.

So for any future me’s that come along because you’re getting this response, clear your cookies and try again.

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