M2Web HMI connection issues


Did we get a solution to this?


M2Web doesn't work but eCatcher does

Doesn’t work with http or https. With http after a short delay I just get a blank browser window. With https it tries a few times , 'Waiting for eu1.m2web.talk2m.com, then flashes up ‘Performing a TLS handshake to eu1.m2web.talk2m.com’, before failing the connection.

The HMI allows me to log connections and packets through the ethernet port if that will help in diagnostics.


Hi @TwaddleDuck

Can you try connecting to the device through eCatcher Mobile and see if the page comes up?


I never did. Good luck!



Hi Tim

Thanks for the quick reply.

For searches and search engines, this post is about m2web.talk2m used in conjunction with Red Lion HMIs, programmed with Crimson software.

I did a lot of ‘playing’ yesterday. I decided just to try the http method rather than https. I also found that the HMI has some diagnostic sections to which I can allow remote access.

So to answer your question, yes I can access the HMI remote view using eCatcher on Windows or Android. If I use m2web I can get to an introductory screen before the HMI remote view ’ Welcome to the Enhanced Web Server!’ which is Red Lion screen. I can use and display the diagnostic sections, but it fails if I try to load the HMI ‘Remote View’. After that if I use any of the m2web navigation tools it drops me back to the m2web log in page, so m2web seems to crash.

This system is set up on my test bench, I don’t mind giving you access to it if it will help your diagnostics.

Though I can use eCatcher my customer decided to standardise on Mac computers, I don’t think there is an eCatcher for Mac.




Unfortunately, as of right now there doesn’t seem to be a way to connect to Red Lion HMIs and use their remote access through M2Web. Right now we only support this through eCatcher or eCatcher Mobile.

As for the Mac computers, unfortunately they may need to install a windows emulator to run eCatcher


Hi Tim

Is there any diagnostic data I can collect to help you solve the problem? Is there anything that Red Lion can do to help, I am a frequent flyer on their support system. Sorry, not very good at taking ‘no’ for an answer.




Hi @TwaddleDuck

As it stands right now it looks like the Red Lion is using a protocol that isn’t currently supported by M2Web. After checking with some colleagues in belgium it seems like this is something that could be developed with our team. Would you be alright with me directing you to our sales manager to further discuss this?


Absolutely, am happy to speak to almost anyone, except maybe for a couple of well known politicians.

Red Lion is using a protocol that isn’t currently supported by M2Web

That is the bit that confuses me, according to Red Lion they just use standard http on port 80, or https on port 443. But I also know that web pages are a lot more complex than you see on the surface. Look forward to hearing from your colleague.



Hi Bryan,

You should have one of the sales guys reaching out to you soon


Hi Tim,

No contact yet from the sales guys.



Hi Bryan,

Can you check and see if you got any messages again? If not I’ll try and contact the sales guy again


Hi Tim

Have even checked the spam and junk folders, no messages from the sales guys yet.