M2web HMI vnc viewer not working


Are you having any issues with M2WEB? I cant connect to my hmi via vnc. I checked a couple other accounts with same type of hmi access and they all seem to be working. I can get as Far as entering the HMI password. image

Nothing has been changed in the HMI or Ewon. I do have access to ewon. I know VNC settings are correct in HMI because I can log on with ecatcher and open it in VNC Viewer.

Hello @augie,

We had a few reports of other issue but they have been resolved. Can you provide the serial number for any device you are seeing this issue with so we can take a close look?



Can you double check the serial number or provide me with the account name? I am not seeing that device connected to an account.


My apologies I gave you the wrong serial#


Account Name: JABILMON
Serial#: 1945-0059-24

Hi Augie,

I want to give you a heads up that I will have the ewons rebuild their connections and they will drop offline briefly and this will kick you off. To make sure you don’t have any issues can you please disconnect first.


Ok Thanks for the heads up. Im disconnected.

Thank you, can you test the m2web connection again?

Looks Like its working now. Thanks for all your help!

Great, We will double check to make sure there are issues.


So,what was the issue exactly?

This was an issue with the VPN tunnel to the server. If you are having similar issues i recommend you try restarting the ewon to rebuild the connections.