M2web IP camera Web potral access


I am having issues getting an IP camera accessible via M2web.
It works no worries via ecatcher navigating to the ip address as normal.
Through m2web I I get a black screen but the brand of the camera does show up on the browser tab. In ecatcher I have configured the camera all protocols, visible in M2web using HTTP on port 80. A stream of the video might be acceptable but access to the camera web portal is better as it has pan tilt zoom functions.

I have gone over the following fourm posts but have not had any success.


Hi Barry,

Are you using the same type of camera that it talks about in that post?


I am using two reolink rlc-423.

It might be the case that we’re not compatible with that device but can you check if your device is using a TCP connection instead of a UDP connection to see if that makes any difference?


Hi Tim,

I changed it to TCP only connection. After a little delay the connection came back up and functioned exactly the same.
I contacted the manufacture support of the camera to discuss this issue and they responded that as long as port 80 is being forwarded there should be no issue with access.

Attached is 2 snips from both the ecatcher config and web browser response.
m2web config

Can you try it with a different web browser or try it on your phone with eCatcher Mobile and see if the connection goes through?