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We have a Flexy that is returning “BadGateway The eWON responded with an error” when we are checking the status of the unit through the M2Web API. I can connect to the unit through eCatcher but when we try and use M2Web web service the unit is shown as online but will say it is unavailable when we try and connect to it.

Why can we connect through eCatcher but not M2Web and why is the M2Web API showing the error when we try and connect with that?

Now we are showing multiple units with the error message “The operation has timed out”


We are currently experiencing an outage.

The development team has identified the issue and expect everything to be normal within 1-2 hours.

Can hms.how have the status of the services posted on the site the same as the link you sent to me? This way we don’t have to look in multiple locations for the information.

How about the issue that is stated in the first comment of this chain?


This outage is affecting m2web as well so I believe it’s highly likely that this is the root cause.
We are in the process of updating the banner for better visibility.

This was something that was posted back in Aug of 2017.

The M2Web issues started 5 hours before the reset of the error messages so I am not sure I agree with you on that one.

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The data mail box errors stopped over an hour ago but we are still getting the “BadGateway The eWON responded with an error” for one of our units.

Any thoughts?


This could be a separate issue from the outage we experienced this morning. What do you see for the device status though eCatcher?


eCatcher shows the device as online.

When I try and connect to the device using the web portal for M2Web the device shows as online. But when I try and connect through M2Web it shows as unavailable.

Can you provide us with the serial number to further investigate. I suspect there could be an issue with the connection. With the serial number we will trigger a refresh on the connection.



Thanks we have forced a reconnect. Please try the api call again. Were any other devices experiencing this issue?


This was the only device today that was having this issue. It is now accessible through M2Web.

So if we see consecutive Bad gateway errors for one device then we should reboot the device and see what happens?

Yes, a reboot would cause the connection to be rebuilt and should resolve the issue.


Is there any way to check the M2Web connection from the Flexy through Basic script?

Hello @tedsch,

We don’t have anything built into the the Flexy to check this. One option I can think of would be to have the ewon make a m2web request on itself and check for errors.


Hello Ted,

I requested the developers further look into this issue. They reported that due to the responsiveness of talk2m last week this device was not updated correctly for m2web. From what they could see this was the only device that was in that state.

The developers also advised that you could use the local m2web server ( us4.m2web.talk2m.com ) directly which would be more efficiency.

Edit: I do want to mention this does limit you to only using the us4.m2web.talk2m.com server. This is your devices default server but if they were ever migrated off your requests would fail. This could happen in the case of server down time, planned or unplanned.


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