M2Web portal embedded on website

Hi, the webpage below shows how the login for M2Web can be embedded on a website, but I can’t find how to do this or any instructions. Can you please advise? Thanks.


Hi Acj,

Can you send me the logo and the link that you want it to lead to so that I can try and create a skin for this?

You can also take a look at this doc if you have questions

AUG-060-0-EN-(M2Web Logo Program).pdf (341.7 KB)

Hi Tim,

The pdf instructions worked great. Only thing i’m trying to figure out now is the iframe. The code it gives me is as follows, but it doesn’t generate anything when I put it into an iframe editor/testor online.

Hey acj,

I’m not sure what happened but the picture you sent us seems to just be a blank white box. What is it giving you when you try and put it into an iframe?

Hi Tim,

I’ve noticed some times it takes a long time for the iframe to load, and other times it appears right away. Is this expected?

See attached images - i’ve also had to close/reopen my browser to get it to load correctly.

Separate question - is there any way to get rid of the scroll bar on the right side? Is that part of my website code, or is that part of the HMS iframe code?

Hey acj,

It seems like you should be able to get rid of the scroll bar by disabling them using the methods in the page below:

Does it load perfectly each time when you open it in a new browser?

Hi Tim,

Thanks for sharing that link; the ‘width=“xxx” height=“xxx” scrolling=“no”>’ code did the trick for removing the scroll bar.

I’ll keep testing with the box showing up blank, and let you know if I see any correlation when/why it happens.


Let me know if you have any other questions


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Hello, I’m trying to insert an iframe in a page created in google.site and it doesn’t work, however in a basic html it does. you know what it can be


We ask that you create a ticket in our Support Portal at


This will create a ticket for review, as files will needed to be share.