M2web pro

Im using talk2m free account for long time , using all its services and im very happy with it.
now i want to upgrade to talk2m pro.
My intention is to use the talk2m pro account for a costumer with 10 r.o. systems (reverse osmosis).
I have been study this issue and there are some issues that i need to understand
1-how can i control the vpn usage if i have 5 or more users (for example ,is there a possibility to disconnect the vpn connection automatically after 5 or 10 min).
2-Can I buy in advance more then 10m datapoints for the data mailbox and what is the price for that?
3-what are hms recommended tools for manage and control the account and users?
4-what is your recommended method for handling the historical data after the data mailbox ,should i buy a Separate storage space in the cloud or hms gives this service too?
5-what is the recommended method to display real time and historical graphs? i tried to do it with the viewon but The result was not to my satisfaction
6-As you can understand i dont have a lot of Experience in this field and i wonder if i can get some general help designing this application (for example: Future expansion and more services that im thinking to implement.
thanks alot
ido perlman.
honig electric.

There is not a way to automatically disconnect a users connection at this time.

Yes, you would need to contact your distributor or sales for a quote.

You will use eCatcher for management of Users, Pools, Groups, Permissions, etc. You can find details in the eCatcher Online Help.

We have a number of different Solution Partners and connectors that you can utilize to interface with Datamailbox and the DMWeb API. For more information, see:


I think you would want to work with our Solution Partners or create a customer application, depending on your needs. I can have someone reach out to you to discuss in more detail.

Since hms.how in run by our Americas team, I would like to put you into contact with someone in your region. Is it OK to pass your contact information along to them so that they may assist you?

thanks a lot for your answer.
i will be very happy to discuss with someone and of course you can pass my contant information.

Someone from your local office should be reaching out. Please let me know if you do not hear from them in the next couple days.