M2web view only permissions

I would like to have some users that are able to log in to m2web and view the status of the eWONs and KPI’s only.
I do not want them to be able to connect to eWONs or any other devices like HMI using VNC.
There are passwords that current prevent this from happening but was wondering if there is permissions for view only.

In ecatcher you can go to the properties of each ewon and change the firewall permissions to high. You will have to list every device you want to be able to connect to. When creating those device in the list “visible on m2web” by default is not enabled so when they connect to the ewon on m2web they will not show.

If you do not want the users to access the Ewon configuration pages then you can change the devices default username and password.

Please note that the ewons login info is only stored locally. If the username and password are forgotten we will not know what it was so a user level reset will have to be preformed which will clear any information in the user director (tags, scripts, etc.) but it will keep the network settings.

Hi Zach,

I already have it configured as you have described.

I want to be able to give a user permissions where they cannot do anything but log into m2web and view whatever the group they are in allows.

I do not want users being able to click on eWONs and be presented with a log in page because I know I will get users that will want to get in. If they don’t know its there then its not a problem.

The login page itself cannot be limited for access. What you can do though is create a viewon page and have that been the main page. Then they would have to know the url of the ewon login page to get there instead of it opening when they click on it.

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