M2Web with schneider vijeo webgate


I’m trying accessing to the integrated web server of a Schneider HMI G3U display through M2Web.
The product is behind one Cosy131 router and everything work properly through eCatcher and VPN access.
With M2Web access, the Schneider product is available.
It’s HTML web page is also available but this web page includes a webgate activeX which is not available.
This webgate uses 6000 port number but I don’t know how autorize both 80 and 600 ports for the same IP address.

I have also more or less same issue with others integrated web servers of others produtcs.
Everything ok through eCatcher but not working through M2Web: products available but web servers unvailable due to different reasons I think (not possible displaying pop up for users identification, page name including special characters, …)

Do you have any suggestion about it ?


Hi Sylvain,

There are certain some protocols that won’t work with M2Web, and ActiveX is one of them. You will have to use eCatcher or eCatcher Mobile to access those features.


Hi Kyle,

Thanks for this quick answer.
So, I don’t have to spent more time on something not possible.