Not able to using m2web, but I can with e-catcher.

Hello @Darcy_Martin,

Can you please give us more details about your issue, so we can better assist you:

  1. Are you not able to login to M2Web at all?
  2. Are you able to login to M2web, but not able to access a LAN device? if so, have you selected the “visible in M2web” on your LAN device through eCatcher:

Looking forward to your reply!

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I am able to log in to m2web. I have 100+ ewons on our pro account. For this specific ewon I am not able to connect to the ewon or the configured LAN device. When selecting any one of them, I am kicked back to our list of ewons. I doesn’t matter which device I try it from.

I did reboot the ewon remotely from ecatcher, but it didn’t help. I have had this before on other ewons, but then after some time those ones would start working again.

Hi @Darcy_Martin,

Looks like this is a new issue on our end. I will be escalating your case to our Development Team, and you will get notified once we know more about it.

Can you please give us the serial number and firmware version of your Ewon device presenting this issue?

Apologies for the inconvenience!

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