M40 module initialisation time issues

I am porting the ABCC driver to the STM32F767 to use M40 Ethernet/IP.
I did my own ADI mapping based on appl_adimap_speed_example.c.
Create a total of 950 ADIs, each instance with a value of 2 bytes.

It then takes a long time for the M40 module to be scanned by the network.
It takes one minute for the LED to turn on and go to standby.

In the appl_adimap_speed_example where I was creating 2 ADIs, the LED turns on immediately when the power is turned on. Does it take longer to initialise as the number of ADIs increases?
I would like it to initialise within a few seconds (at least 10 seconds).

The M40’s network settings use a static IP address with DHCP mode disabled.
And I attach the config file that I modified in the driver.

abcc_drv_cfg.h (14.7 KB)
abcc_obj_cfg.h (52.7 KB)

Thank you.

Hello @eloiz ,

Thank you for opening a forum topic. I recommend opening a support case on support.hms-networks.com They may be able to take a deeper look at this with you.

One thought I have is that this may be related to your SPI clock rate.

Thank you.
my SPI speed is 13.5MHz. but varying the SPI speed doesn’t seem to make a difference.