Mac Addresses

I am currently configuring an Intesis BACnet Interface to a Daikin VRV system.

The installation instruction are extremely vague and I do not understand how to set the dip switches on SW2.

I need dip switch settings for Mac Addresses: 40, 41, 42 and 43

Please help me!

Hello @Gregoryw,

The MAC address is set in Binary where the left most dip switch is the least significate.
40 = 00010100
41 = 10010100
42 = 01010100
43 = 11010100
44 = 00110100

If you need additional number you can always use the programmer calculator in windows and read the value in reverse.


Thank you!

@Gregoryw ,

It looks like only a photo was shared, did you intend to ask a question?