Mail to SMS for Verizon


A client of ours has 4 operators that need text messages from our alarms in the Flexy 205. Two of them are using Verizon and the other two are using US Cellular. So far, our two US Cellular Operators are getting the text messages but the other two Verizon users are not. I am using the Mail to SMS relay through the cellular providers. I’ve tried to test the with my work phone which is being provided by Verizon but I am also not receiving an messages. I am wondering if this is an eWON/Talk2M issue or a Verizon issue.

These are the examples of what the phone number setups I have looks like for both providers

US Cellular-


I also tried to add a 1 before the phone numbers but that still did not work. Removing the area code also did not work.

I am not sure which direction to go from here.


This is a Verizon issue. They are the only carrier that I know of that charges for this service.

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OK. That was my assumption but had to double check. Thanks for the help.