Making a program to communicate over CanBus

I am new to programming and have NO formal education within SW or programming.
I make small programs in C#, for our production line, and we use the USB-to-CAN V2 Automotive to communicate with our units.
We have out own test SW “ETU” that is programmed at TechnipFMC’s SW department. It uses C++, and i have no access to the code (I work at the workshop, not the SW department, and they deny me access)

I can most times backward engineer codes from StackOverflow or google.
I have made lots of ModBus programs (C# winform), serial communication (C# winform) , and messing with Arduinos.

But when it comes to implementing IXXAT Can communication into my C# winform, i am at a loss. I have been reading the VCI .NET-API Programmers Manual, and got lost 3 times in there. Is there any demos, code snippits or examples i havent seen that could be usefull?

What i want to do, is send a message, value 6 to index 0x2100.02 (I cant remember exact index and sub index). And then read that same index and verify it received the value. (This will boot up the 3rd controller on our controller board, and i can program the last controller)

The reason i want to do this and figure this out, is that my SW department never has time or money or people to help me update the ETU (that was made back in the 80’s 90’s and still supports Pentium 2 (It did get an update so we could run it on Win 7 64 bit 2 years ago, but they are slow)). And as it is now, i have to use ETU to interface with our units. I want to upgrade my already existing automatic SW programming program (winform), to automate even more.

We are moving to win 10 so will be using the V4 Driver. latest and greatest.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Kind regards (optimistic)
André Holm

Hello @AmishPark,

You should fined dotnet examples in your C drive at the following location.

C:\Users\Public\Documents\HMS\IXXAT VCI 4.0\Samples\dotnet

The VCI V4.NET help is in the following directoy
C:\Program Files\HMS\IXXAT VCI 4.0\manual
C:\Program Files\HMS\IXXAT VCI 4.0\sdk\vci\dotnet\help\vci4net4.chm
C:\Program Files\HMS\IXXAT VCI 4.0\manual\VCI4NetAPI_en.pdf

Keep in mind this directory might be moved for you depending on where and how you installed the drivers.


Thank you. I will look into that and see what i can understand. :slight_smile: