Mapping bytes

I have can communicator profinet ab7317b. I need 41 input bytes and 7 output bytes. when I try to put bytes in tia portal in the hardware configuration , CAN communicator not taking it, it is giving me error.

What is the error?

It appears that you are starting at byte 7 on the input side, so you are actually using 48 bytes on the Communicator (bytes 0 - 47). On the Output side, you are skipping bytes 3 - 10, so you are actually using 15 bytes. Can you start at 0 and avoid “skipping” bytes?

please see the error below, i put from (1 to 41) 41 input bytes and (0 to 6) 7 output bytes. i still see error.
please see picture below,

Did you set the Network type to Profinet IO in the Anybus Configuration Manager and then download the configuration?

Did you import the GSD file for the Anybus and then assign the IP address and device name?

Can you share your config file for the Anybus Communicator CAN?


Now the mapping is good, but when i set bit 200.0 to on in plc , i don’t see it in can communicator in the monitor screen. please see the picture below,

Now I can see the outputs that I trigger from plc in the monitor screen of communicator can configuration manager but it shows error active and the subnet status is blinking red. I can see the bits turning on /off on the plc and communicator can but not on the device which i am sending signals to. please see my configuration file attached and diagnostic status.
anybus_Sep24.hcg (5.4 KB)

Hi kyle

can you please let me what is wrong here, why i am getting error.
Thank you

It appears that you have a problem in communication with the CAN device, either a connection problem or the wrong CAN ID.

Are you exchanging any data between the CAN Communicator and the CAN device?

Hi Kyle,
i need to exchange data with the can device. i have checked the slave device and it shows tx status is good. now the subnet status is blinking green and the error says passive. please see the picture below, i am not sure what is missing.

I am suppose to receive signal apcan_IpmFctSt from the slave but on the anybus communicator device , I don’t see any signal. the frame for this signal is 105 and byte1.

Hi Kyle , i don’t see any can line listener. i am not sure what is wrong. can you please check what is wrong.

Thank you,

What do you mean you don’t see any CAN Line Listener? It’s in the Tools menu.

What is the status of LED 6?

Are you sure the CAN ID is correct?

Are you sure your wiring is correct? Do you have terminal resistors in place?

What is the CAN module you are trying to communicate with? It is CANopen, J1939, etc.?

Hi kyle,

Can you please connect remotely using team viewer. Please let me know when you are available?

Hi @mamatha17,

As discussed on the phone if you are not seeing any traffic on the bus when you know the node is sending data out then is most likely an issue with the CAN bus. This could be an error in the wiring, often this is related to the high and low bus not being connected correctly or the termination is on correct. There also could be an issue with the baud rate where the devices do not match.

This site has a good picture showing the wiring and termination of a can bus. CAN Bus Wiring Diagram, a Basics Tutorial | Tek Eye

Please provide details on the LED status lights.

Hi Kyle, the status of leds are
1.solid green
2.solid green
3.filckering green
4. off
5.Flashing green
6.Solid green

In the can line listener, i don’t see any messages.

I have checked the wiring and everything seems okay.
i have checked puma box and it shows tx signals on.
please let me know if you can remotely connect to my pc.

Can you provide photos of the wiring on both ends of the bus?


Hi Deryck_hms,
can you guys give your contact info , we need to setup a meeting with puma box customer and you guys to fix this issue ASAP. since it is taking too long , my manager need to setup a meeting. i am sending the drawing that how we wired this can bus.

Hi @mamatha17 , If you are not seeing data in the log we are limited on what we can help you with. As we have explained the issue is most likely with the wiring or baudrate. Do you have something like a usb-to-can device that you can use to also monitor the bus with?

Is this diagram accurate? It indicates that there is only 1 resistor, possibly a short, and then capacitors? It also looks like CAN high goes to CAN low.


please see pictures for resistors.

Please verify CAN high on the gateway is connected to CAN high on the puma node as well as CAN low to CAN low.

You should also add a common ground.