Maximum Modbus Polling Rate


Technical Support,
Is there a published maximum polling rate for Modbus TCP/IP communications with the Anybus Communicator CAN ? We would like to know this information so that we do not over sample the Anybus Communicator CAN and loose data.
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Don Wright
Spirae, LLC


Hello @DWright,

Thanks for your patience with this issue. We do not have any stated time for the poll rate. A lot of factors will come into play that can effect the response time, such as the type of request and how much data is being requested. Read multiple might take slightly longer for a response but more data will be transferred at once vs a read single might take less time to respond to but you will need to send more requests increasing the time. If speed is a major concern another protocol such as ethernet/IP may be a better option.

To ensure your writes are being written you may be interested int the transmission complete byte to check if the CAN transaction has been sent. This is enabled under the produce transaction.




Thank you for the details. We can close out this request.

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