Maximum SD Card Size for Flexy 205

Before I get the community warnings about other posts, similar in nature, let me start by saying I’ve looked at them.

I’m looking for some kind of specification that tells the “officially supported” Maximum SD Card Size supported by the Flex 205 and information on how the cards can be used.

I’m working with an OEM who recommends and supplies eWON devices with their solutions. We want to use the card to store data off the PLC and not to run a program from. Is this even possible?

Yes, it’s possible to expand the user memory of the Ewon using an SD card. The “official” size is only 1 GB, but we’ve successfully used cards up to 128 GB. We do recommend using industrial cards. This document explains the process:

There are all kinds of examples of scripts on the site. Here is one you might want to check out:

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