MDEC Controller


hi dears
I plan to connect a MTU MDEC Series brand controller with a monitoring system.

  • We do not know what protocol this controller supports the CAN BUS network
  • So we’re looking for an interface device that can easily display various parameters (speed, temperature, etc.) on the HMI or monitoring system.

1- Do you have an example of a project related to MDEC controller with HMS -IXXAT converter or brand cards? Or in general, did you have any experience with this?
2- Can you tell us about a device from the HMS-IXXAT brand that we can connect to this controller?



In order to help we will need more specific information. Can you provide the model and/or documentation (user manual) for both of these devices?


Hi dear
I do not have strong information on the MTEC controller MDEC
But I saw one of the ixxat brand products could be connected to the mtu brand device - the Diagsys kit, which I think is a proprietary mtu

I just know that the MDEC controller supports the CAN BUS network, but I haven’t yet figured out exactly which protocol supports it.

As for the second device - there’s a hmi from the Siemens COMFORT series

I want to read the parameters of this controller - please let me know if you have any experience.
In the attachment of this message I also present two of the files related to the controller and the Hmi.
HMI Datasheet :
6AV21240GC010AX0_datasheet_en.pdf (167.3 KB)
MS150025_02E.rar (5.5 MB)


Yes, you can use our USB-to-CAN V2 devices with the MTU CAN devices to interface with the MTU Diasys software. The Diasys software uses our VCI driver, but I’m not familiar with how their protocol works. I think you would need to use their software to interface the device with the monitoring system.

We have gateways from Anybus that can connect a CAN network to another network like like Profibus, Profinet, EthIP, etc., but they might not be able to translate the MTU data if it’s using a proprietary protocol on top of CAN.


Yes i saw this can to usb device for MTU devices but i need an interface to be able to use it with variables like speed, temperature and … plc preferably through industrial networks like PROFIBUS or PROFINET

And I might also want to use this interface to monitor parameters, for example, to design a graphical page in hmi to display the engine speed, so this is not possible with the usb device.

The device is designed only for troubleshooting mtu devices via computer.

But I think it could be a build interface based on the same device, not just giving me information through usb, but responding to me through industrial networks.
Do you have such a relationship? Can it easily connect to the MDEC controller of the mtu brand like usb to can?



We have a number of devices that you could potentially use to connect this to an industrial network, for example, a CAN to ProfiNET Anybus Communicator:

It acts as a CAN Master which can be configured with our software, but if you needed a CAN slave interface, you could use something like this:

Check out this link for more gateway combinations:

We also have the IXXAT bridges for CAN to Ethernet:


I would recommend contacting an HMS Sales Office in your region for more information: