MEM IO server only has floating point


I am trying to define a tag through MEM I/O server, the data type of the tags I defined can only be configured as floating point. I can select boolean, but once i update tag setting, it becomes a floating point. LAtest firmware on FLEXY 205. Anyone know why is that?

Many thanks



Hello Jiayuan,

Thank you for reaching out to us for this issue. We will be investigate this matter to determine a root cause for this issue.

Is this actively connected to a PLC? Is the tag address pointing to the Flexy, or another connected device?



Thanks Kevin,

Sorry I have sent an empty email.

You are right, I found there is a BASIC code passing data of a tag in another eWon to this eWon.

Attached in the code I used, could you let me know what caused the data was sent in Floating Point by default?


Sharing Data Between 2 Flexys (No Dev ID).docx (440 KB)



Hello Jiayun,

Could you please send me a backup with support files for both devices? I need ot verify tag settings, and the basic script in itself.

Are both of the Tags the same variable type?




hi Kevin,

Please find attached backup file. the tags in the destination ewon becomes floating point anyway even if i have configured differernt type…

Many thanks


Thank you for the back up files.

I will reveiw these files to find a resolution for this issue. I will follow up with you within the next couple days with a possible work around.



I reviewed the tags and performed some testing on my own.

The current work around for this issue can be resolved by deleting the old tag and creating the new a new. When you create a new tag, ensure you do not select “Automatic”. Once this occurrs the tag type cannot be changed if needed.

I am still determining the root cause of this issue, and I will pass this on to our developers for consulting.

Please let me know if I can provide any additional information.