Message: unable to connect eWON: All your concurrent connections are already in use

Hi, I try to connect to an ewon and get the this message (see Topic).
In the logfile the last entries say that I disonnected succesfully than another user connected and disconnected successfully. We already rebooted the ewon.
What can I do?


I found this information on Paid/Free+ accounts that might be causing the issue.

Talk2M Free+:

With a Talk2M Free+ account you are limited to a single connection to any device at any one time. This means only one user can be connected to any device at a time account wide.

Talk2M PRO:

With Talk2M Pro you are only limited by the number of concurrent connections you have. If you have 3 concurrent connections then 3 users can connect to the same eWON at once. It is important to note however that there is not input validation so multiple people can change things on the LAN at the same time.

Is this issue only happening when you’re connecting to the device through eCatcher or are you seeing this when you connect locally as well?


Another issue might be caused by people not logging out when they are exiting M2Web

Hi, one day later Connection was ok again. I dont know what happened, maybe they did something on the other side. Problem is solved. Thanks for help.

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