MHI no airconwithme cloud connectivity

Hi There,

Yesterday at 21:16 both my MHI Airco went offline. The app (airconwithme) reports AC cloud device has no connectivity. I am able to login to the web interface locally so the interfaces are connected to the wifi network. Cloud service connectivity reports disconnected. I tried to power cycle both airco’s. They come online via wifi but do not connect to the cloud. Is there an outage? How to fix this?


Recently there was an outage with the server. It has been resolved through. I would check the app again. If you are continuing to have issues, I advise creating a ticket in our support portal.


I’ve had the same problem that day and it was resolved. Today I experience the same problem. Is there an issue again?

Thanks in advance for your reply.



Intesis says there was an issue a few hours ago and has since been resolved. Also of note this forum is run by are America’s Branch. For quicker response for issues like this you can create a ticket in are support portal which will be directed to your regional support.