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How do enter an address (Class, Instance, Attribute) for a Micrologix PLC thru EtherNet/IP(ex O:0/0) so I can use this output to trigger an alarm?

To read an address though Ethernet/IP with Class, Instance and Attribute. You need to create an Ethernet/ip template and add parameter. The parameter type will be EtherNet/IP from there you can enter the Class Instance and Attribute. 2017-08-29 16_24_20-Netbiter Argos

Once you have create a template you will then add a device using that template. You can then add logging, alarm and live value parameters to the Netbiter.

I recommend checking out the argos admin manual for details. https://www.netbiter.com/docs/default-source/netbiter-english/manuals/administration-manual-netbiter-argos.pdf

I am sorry I was not clear on my question. I have created a template and added the device. What i need to know is how to convert my Micrologix output address O:0/0 to Argos Class, Instance and Attribute?

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I am sorry for the delay I needed to do more research on what can be supported with the micrologix plcs. From what I found I do not believe you will be able to get this to work. This issue is that both devices are masters on the network. The PLC would need to be set up as a slave which is not possible in ethernet/IP. The netbiter only supports UCMM. You would need to perform Get_Attribute_Single and Set_Attribute_Single or Read_Tag_Service and Write_Tag_Service on the plc. The Get and Set attribute would be used with slave devices such as a drive. Read and Write tag service is designed to work with plcs but unfortunately micrologix PLCs do not have support for this kind of messaging.

We do have another option available. Micrologix PLCs can be configured as Modbus slaves. This allows you to set up the Netbiter to read and write data over modbus TCP. We don’t have any documentation ourselves but I did find a few results online. Here is one page that should help. https://www.mesta-automation.com/modbus-configuration-example-for-an-allen-bradley-micrologix-1400/

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I performed this exactly for my fleet of micrologix platform skids. Create a ModBus map file in your RS500 database and address it over ModBus.


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