Micrologix to Redlion Counter

I am trying to set up message commands for a Micrologix 1100 processor to a Red lion Counter CS48 counter using RS485 communacatio, to red the count value.since it is in Micrologix the data has to be handled in message commands only. i am having trouble getting the message command to work and the serial set up to write the command to the serial side, the command for the Redlion is 4E NN 54 45 2A, where NN is the node number, i have 15 counters to read.

Hello @Ktmclaughlin83,

Are you using an Anybus Communicator for this? It seems like you should be able to setup transactions for the query to match your example. You would also need to know what the response looks like to setup the response portion of the command. Can you share the configuration you have so far?


yes, i am using an AB7072-B

Can you provide more details? What is not working for you or what you need help with? I don’t really have enough info to provide much advice.

Do you have any transactions setup? What are they?

i can get the data from the PLC to the 7072, i have a consume transaction set up to send the data out, and i can moniter the node in the configuration manager and see that the data from the PLC is in registers 200-205, but i am not sure how to get the module to send the data to the counter and where the data will come back.

Hello @Ktmclaughlin83,

Have you setup any transactions or produce and consume messages? You will need to setup a transaction with data object. The data objects map IO data from memory exchanged with the PLC to messages sent out on the serial but.

Looking at the screen shot it looks like you have one produce message with two data objects. but not consume message. To read a message back you will need a consume message. This will need frame objects that match the in coming message.

The two key objects for a message are constants and data objects. A constant is a piece of the message that is always there. A data objects as mentioned above is are bytes exchanged with the field bus side.

Take a look at section 13. section 13.3 covers generic data mode. Also take a look at chapter 14 that covers the objects in the messages. If the counter always responds to any message sent or needs to be queried before it sends data. It might make sense to use Master mode, this uses Transactions where a Query is tied to a response rather then independent produce consume messages. ABC-EIP_2P.book (hms-networks.com)

i added the consume i am not seeing any thing on the logs where the data is getting received by the counter, also when i add the consume to the program the subnet status light goes red

Hello @Ktmclaughlin83,

You need to look into the protocol that the redlion uses. What messages do you need to send what messages does it send back? If it is a query response protocol I would recommend using master mode and use transactions with Query Response .

this is all the manual has for the Serial comms

Hi @Ktmclaughlin83 ,

It looks like you should have everything needed to create your configuration. Are there specific questions regarding the communicator I can help answer?