Microsoft is replacing .NET Framework and .NET Core with .NET 5. Will we get CAN API for this new converged version of .NET?

Microsoft is now pushing .NET 5 (and onward) as the universal .NET API set to replace both .NET Framework and .NET Core.

Will you likely be providing VCI support for .NET 5 on Windows anytime in the future?

Hi, sorry for the delay.

The responsible product manager is investigating when the VCI4.NET5 API can be implemented and had some questions.

Could you provide more information on the application this is for?

Is this for a new project or for updating an existing project?

If it is possible would you be interested in a prototype test?

There is no immediate need for a driver. I am looking at our migration path for the future.

Ideally we would do new development on .NET and also port our existing .NET Framework apps to .NET.

We currently have two internal use test tool applications that use the USB-to-CAN II and USB-to-CAN V2 to access two CANs.

Although I could also see using the PCIe CAN boards in the future as well as the API set appears to be the same.

Both of our applications written are in C# and run under Windows7 and Windows10. We are using VCI API v3.5.

At this time we are still using Visual Studio 2017 and .NET Framework.

We also use miniMon on occasion to log CAN messages.

Multiplatform operation is not a concern for us at this time.




I сan not find your SDK for .NET 5.

The latest SDK will be in your ‘C:\Program Files\HMS\Ixxat VCI’ directory if you’re using the latest VCI driver.