Migrate 3G Netbiter to 4G Netbiter

We have a customer that is in the process of replacing their 3G Netbiters with 4G Netbiters. What is the easiest/simplest way to achieve this? They would need their NB4000 subscription moved from the old units to the new units, along with all of the parameters in each system migrated to the 4G Netbiter. Perhaps there is a way to just change the System ID over, or would there be a way to do a backup and then a restore?

Thank you

Hi @nickTriPhase1 ,

You can add the 4g device to the account but not activate it. You can then swap the devices. This replaces the System ID of the active device with the deactivated one. You then just need to synchronize the configuration on the new device. you will see a replace button under Management > all systems > Active. If it is a standard account you will need to go to properties for the device.
or login and go here:https://www.netbiter.net/www/admin_device.cfm

Hey @deryck_hms,

Thanks for that information. How would they perform the “swapping” portion of this?

Here is a screen shot of the screen. the replace button will allow them to swap the devices.

Hi @deryck_hms,

Our customer has stated that when they add the old then new activation codes into the window shown on the screen shot you’ve provided, then press replace, nothing happens.

Do you know why this could be happening or if they are missing something?


This might be correct, not much changes when you make the swap. Have them check the SystemID’s.

If you can get me the account name or one of the system ID’s I can review the account.

Thanks Deryck!

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What were the results of reviewing the account?

My apologies I missed the notification. It looks like they don’t have a pending device. They might not have added it or have already activated the device.

Here is a draft app note on how to swap the devices.
Swapping Netbiters.docx (289.7 KB)