Mini Split Integration

Hi All!!! Im from Schneider Electric Building Automation. We’re supposed to integrate mini splits to our system using Intesis products. We have 8 units and we have (1)INBACDAI001I000 and (7) INBACDAI001R000. Our scope covers that our controller communicates to a gateway and the gateway connects to all the units. My question is does INBACDAI001I000 acts as a gateway and unit controller at the same time. Second question, can we connect INBACDAI001I000 Bacnet/IP to our controller then the seven INBACDAI001R000 connects to INBACDAI001I000 via Bacnet/MSTP? Thank you in advance.

If I am understanding this correctly, yes the communications are bi directional you can read values and set values on the AC.

I’m not sure what you are trying to do here. Both devices support bacnet IP/MSTP. You should be able to connect each separately to your control system.