Missing parameter description in M2Web API documentation

Hi all,

in the current M2Web api documentation (reference) the description of the parameters “lanDevices” and “ewonServices” for the query “getewon” is missing.
Do the structures for both parameters only contain variables of the data type “string”?

It will return as a string value when you use getewon data.

What kind of info are you trying to retrieve?

I searched for the struct of the lanDevices from the response for the JSON serialization.
Currently it works for me now as follows:

  • Class

public class LanDevice
[DataMember(Name = “description”)]
public string Description { get; set; }
[DataMember(Name = “ip”)]
public string IP { get; set; }
[DataMember(Name = “name”)]
public string Name { get; set; }
[DataMember(Name = “port”)]
public string Port { get; set; }
[DataMember(Name = “protocol”)]
public string Protocol { get; set; }

  • Implementation

[DataMember(Name = “lanDevices”)]
public List LanDevices { get; set; } = new List();