Missing parameter in web interface for AB7669

I’m trying to configure a x-gateway AB7669 ethernet IP scanner to modbus TCP. The I.P address is good and i can connect to the web interface, that being said I don’t have acces to the scan list configuration. I have try to connect to the FTP server (with windows file explorer and Filezilla using the user: ABX and Password: FTPAccess) but no success. So far i can see that the modbus communication seem ok (connected to a Foxboro DCS) but the ethernet side (connected to a Siemens Sinamic S120 servo drive) don’t have any communication. The servo drive is configured right and I have been able to control it via Ethernet using my PC witch led me to believe that I need that scan list configured.

If any of you could give a lead I would appreciate it a lot.


Each side (top/bottom) has its own web server/page each with their own IP address. You are most likely connecting to the modbus TCP side side so you do not have the EIP scanner configuration sections.

Connect to the top port and set the Scanners IP address and access the webpage there.


Thank you Deryck, one last thing what are the address for reading the Anybus modbus registers? I’m used to use 40001 and up but it seem that it’s not the case.

Again, thank you.

Hello @excel_tech ,

You can find the two modbus register mapping options in chapter 5 of the Network Guide - Ethernet Slave on the AB7669’s files and documents page.

Downloads and Documentation (anybus.com)

Alright, thank you again for your help.