Mitsubishi eWon configuration


I have a eWon that is set up in the office. My Mitsubishi PLC (Q03UDECPU) is connected to my eWon. I am not in the office , but i do have through my ewon a connection to my PLC. I can go online with the PLC through the ewon. I connect with my ecatcher to the ewon. when i am connected i can then see and ping the PLC and go online with the PLC . SO my remote access is working. On my ewon i have set up some tags to be read from the PLC. below you will see a picture of my setup in the i/o server . My tags keep saying no communication . Can someone help me and tell me what is wrong .

my Ewon i/o server setup

My tag setup

My PLC settings



My ecatcher


i still dont get to read the test bit tag . any help will be much appreciated .

I am not sure if i am putting the port number for my Mitsubishi plc in wrong or what


The settings look OK, but I’m not familiar with your network IDs, etc. so please check those and go over the instructions, HERE. (What does the “255” number in your IO server settings represent?)

Have you tried reading any other registers?

What are you getting for errors in the logs? Try to gather some error messages by toggling the “Disable tags in error” (IOServers > Global Settings) on for a few minutes then off for a few minutes. Make a backup with eBuddy, making sure to check the box “Include Support Files” and we can take a look at it.

Hi Kyle

thank you for your mail. I managed to come right . its an Mitsubishi error. Looks like everytime you add to your program and do a download to the PLC you have to restart the CPU for the changes to take place. Very weird. But i have found that when i restart the CPU i do get comms . ,255 is used for all Mitsubishi communication, and required for machine protocol.

Thank you Kyle