Modbus communication LAN

Hello, i need some help to configure an eWon Flexy 201.
On my network, i have a M241 from Schneider and a box pc connected in LAN through the eWon.
Box PC has to communicate in Modbus TCP with the M241 (software in c).
If i connect box pc directly to the m241, it works.
If i connect box pc and m241 through a classic router, it works.
If i connect box pc and m241 through the eWon, i can’t communicate by modbus but devices ping themselves.

eWon blocks modbus communication from other device ?
Do you have an idea ?

Thanks !

The M241 and PC are both on LAN or connected through the VPN?

Are you receiving a Modbus error or a timeout?

No, eWON does not block Modbus communication.

Hi Kyle,

Yes both are on LAN behind the VPN.
Nope, no error, just no working.
But I solved my problem ! :smiley:
I’m not sure, i think i had to add DNS fields to and

Thanks !

Great! Glad it works now. Let us know if you run into any other issues.