Modbus function code 6 issue

I have flexy 102
I have to switch ON/OFF the modbus Slave equipment by writing single holding register
address 40004(write only)
Data -1 is On
data-2 is Off

In the same register address bits are configured for status

In the register tag value displaying 100

I am trying to write the value 1 to the register but not taking it.

When try with modbus poll software its working start and stop.

Pls guide how to write sinhle holding register.

Attached address for your referance.

Hi support,

Any updates ?


Can you provide a backup with support files? This can be done using ebuddy while connected to the unit.

Are you using MODBUS IO Server?


Hi kevin,
This issue has been re-solved.

I have enabled “ModbusForceFunction06:1” in Advanced parameters.