Modbus RTU rs485 half duplex

I am trying to communicate with a jumo T01 transmitter using a flexy 205 with an FLA3301 card via modbus RTU on rs485 half duplex. The jumo device can only be configured as a slave therefore my ewon is acting as the master. I have set the dip switches set for RS485 no termination and I have turned polling on. I have set up my IO server and enabled the topic, however whenever i add tags I get a red symbol which tells me i have no communication whenever my mouse is over it. I have checked the event log and i have two warnings that originate from ‘mbsio’, which are ‘-20205 muting (pattern of 1 event)’ and ‘-22510 mbsios-Modbus Enter slow poll mode (Address 1 -)’. On my serial card the HD light is lit up solid green and the S1 light is lit up solid green.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Hello @yec,

Can you share a backup with support files for us to review. This will give me a better idea what is going on.

I also recommend verifying the serial settings match and Wiring is correct. If it is entering slow poll mode it is most likely not seeing responses to the queries sent.