Modbus tcp-profibus-Anybus X-gateway – PROFIBUS Slave – Modbus TCP Server


“I visited this page yesterday before even contacting you, but my question is very specific and technical, if the Modbus server has 450 bytes of data for all the holding registers used, how do you transmit that data to a PROFIBUS network using the Modbus TCP to PROFIBUS slave converter? Do you have any mechanism of splitting this whole data into 2 separate packets (Max. 244 bytes per packet) and transmit separately on the converter? Definitely customers will have lot of data on their servers.

We have a Modbus TCP server on our end with lot of operations data and the customer has a PROFIBUS client to receive this data. That is the reason why I am looking for a converter, but we want to make sure we can transmit all the data, so the converter should be capable of reading all the Modbus registers (holding registers only) and then convert the data into multiple PROFIBUS packets if the total size is more than 244 bytes, hope it makes sense. This is a valid use case anytime if we use a converter



The device that matches your description is an AB7634 and is a modbus Server/slave to profibus slave, capable of exchanging 512 bytes in both directions. Each interface works independently and exchanges data between the two though a buffer. The data is then read off of the interfaces through their respective masters.

If you are looking to read data from other modbus device you most likely would need a gateway that is a modbus mater to profibus. An AB9001 should fit the bill here.

On the profibus side you will be adding it to your profibus master as a slave module. Here is a doc covering the setup in Step 7.

Let me know if this help or if you have any other questions.