More functions for my INWFIMHI001I000 ? Mitsubishi Aircon

Hi guys,

I just got an intesis INWFIMHI001I000, installed it on my aircon split unit (DXK18ZSA-W / SRK50ZSA-), I have it connected and working through the Intesis app, but I find that the funcions are less than what I can get from the remote control, for example, I can’t control the Left/Right airflow, i can’t also select the silent mode, to name a few, is this normal? is there a way of adding the missing functions?
Is there a way of connecting this module to the official Mitsubishi app?.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Coco,

I’m not 100% sure of the functionality with this device, but have you:

  1. Checked in the Web App (

  2. Have you selected the correct remote control?

  1. Or did you do the AutoLearn remote programming (see page 20 in Device Guide)?

If you want to find out for sure which features are available for this device, I would recommend opening a case at