More Than Four Tag Groups Needed

Hello, I’m working with a customer that is using Tag Groups to organize data for sections of their machine and they use this to export log files by group. However, for their machine they will need more than four tag groups (A, B, C, D). Is there a setting that can expand this? I could not find a setting for this, but maybe I missed it. This customer would ultimately like eight tag groups.



Unfortunately, there is no setting to expand this, and 4 tag groups is the maximum amount of tag groups.

Is 4 still the limit on tags groups?
Can I assign more tag groups via scripting (basic ide)?

Hi Bryan,

At this time, 4 tag groups is still the limit. There is no way to create more tag groups via scripting. However, if you would let me know how you are using tag groups, maybe I can think of a way to accomplish the same goal with some other mechanism.

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Trying to get more groups for historical logging… see the thread below. I would like to spec individual tags in the WriteEbd but I can not get that to work. I have 20 groups (machines) and if I could spec more groups I could get around my current problem.

I figured out how to change the tag groups via scripting with Jean-Yves help. Example below which changes two tags to Group A. After these lines of code, I ran an EBD to historical table with the “$flA” qualifier over the last 10 hours and It came back with all the data for just those two tags. Hopefully this helps others.

Setsys Tag,“load”,“Machine1_Real1”
Setsys Tag,“IVGroupA”,1
Setsys TAG,“save”
Print “tag one set”

//Second Tag
Setsys Tag,“load”,“Machine1_Real2”
Setsys Tag,“IVGroupA”,1
Setsys TAG,“save”
Print “tag two set”

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Hello Bryan,

Thank you for the update and your dilligence on resolving this issue. This will be noted and allowed for others to review.

Has this been updated with new firmware? Is there a way to access multiple tags with $tn function instead of manipulating the tag groups?