Moving from EC350 to EC360 Process

I have a customer who has had an EC350 stop working, he has purchased an EC360 from us and asked what if any issues he will see. i.e. taking the SIM card out of the old one and putting in the new one. Or the Setup being different from the EC350. Any Gotchya’s he needs to know about?

If he has a 3G Sim card it will not work in the new device. Make sure he also still has the activation code for the EC350. he will need it if he wants the EC360 to replace the older netbiter.

If he doesn’t have the activation code written down, is it somewhere in his account info for that unit?

The activation code can only be found on the piece of paper that came with the device. If that has been lost we would need to prove ownership of the device to be able to reissue the activation code.